theoretical yield of aspirin equation

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theoretical yield of aspirin equation

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theoretical yield of aspirin equation

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Aspirin is produced by the reaction of salicylic acid (M = 138.1 g/mol) and. mass of the product will give you the theoretical yield of the product.
yield of aspirin = practical yield / theoretical yield x 100 % yield of aspirin = 23 / 32.608 x 100. It starts with a balanced chemical equation.
And since this reaction is a 1 to 1 reaction (1 mole of reactants will make 1 mole of products), you will have a theoretical yield of 1225.5 moles of both the aspirin .

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(b) What is the maximum mass of aspirin (the theoretical yield) that could be produced in this reaction? 2 years ago; Report Abuse .

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of salicylic acid. Once the reaction is complete, the student collects 1.24 g of aspirin. a.Determine the theoretical yield of aspirin for the reaction (in grams). b.

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